As the name suggests, rough walks are a more physical and challenging experience than driven game days. Accompanied by experts and their dogs, you’ll be walking through fields of root crops, woodland and peat land; we can also arrange rough walking days through the famous marshes of the Blyth Estuary. You can bag a number of species per day including woodcock, snipe, partridges, pheasants, rabbits, pigeons and various wildfowl species. If you have in mind to shoot a particular type of game, our team will be able to advise on the most likely spots.

We can organise rough walks for one person, up to groups of ten, with bag sizes to suit all. A suitable level of fitness is required to cover a fair amount of distance on foot, across a variety of terrain. Suitable footwear – comfortable, waterproof shoes with a good grip – is also essential.

Members may bring their own suitably trained dog. Members take responsibility for their dog’s behaviour and should they disrupt the shoot or other guns you will be asked to leave the field.

Non shooters are welcome to join the field if they don’t disrupt the shoot (additional fees may apply). They will be subject to the same safety rules as the guns and may be required to assist in carrying bagged game.

  • Show sportsmanship. Respect for the quarry and your fellow guns. No low birds and no ‘poaching’ from neighbours
  • No insurance, no shoot. All guns must carry third party public liability insurance as standard (if you have insurance included as part of a field sports association membership it is your responsibility to ensure your membership is valid and up to date)
  • Only 12 & 20-gauge shotgun pumps, single or double barrel. No semi-automatics
  • Open season for protected game as follows:
    • Partridge 1 st Sept- 1 st Feb
    • Pheasant 1 st Oct – 1 st Feb
    • Woodcock 1 st Oct – 31 st Jan
    • Snipe 12 th Aug – 31 st Jan
  • We must receive all ID and documentation no later than 72 hours prior to the shoot
  • Please bring a minimum of 8 boxes of #5 or #6 shotgun shells
  • Gun hire and cartridge sales available on most of our estates
  • We always follow the BASC Code of Practice for Shooting
What’s included
  • Beaters & dogs,
  • Transportation around the estate
  • All refreshments throughout the day, along with a meal in a pub local to the estate
  • An unforgettable day of field sports in the heart of the Suffolk countryside!
What’s not included
  • Accommodation. This can be arranged, subject to availability, in one of our lodges, in and around the estates. Please ask for details.
  • Tips (£20 per gun is usual)
  • Transport to and from the estate
  • Gun and shells (these are rented and sold separately)
  • Clothing and other gear. If there is something in particular you do not have, please let us know in advance and we will do our best to help)
Tips to stay safe
  • When guns are not shooting, muzzles must be pointed in a safe direction with the safety on
  • Only shoot when your barrel is pointed towards the sky and above a 15degree angle
  • If you are unsure whether or not to shoot a bird, do not shoot
  • Only collect game if they are close to you. It is safer to let the dogs retrieve any fallen game
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption during your shoot

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