Our pricing is made simple and affordable. 


To join us we require a £1000 deposit. This will be held in our registered solicitors account. This deposit is refundable provided that you reach the spending limit of £3000 during the shooting season.


For your guidance, the price for a standard walked-up day for 6-guns is £260 per Gun/Outing, with bag limits of around 30 to 50 birds.


Current price for deer stalking is £120 per outing, which will be for 2-3 hours approximately. The price includes the shooting of 1-cull animal of any species per stalk, although we cannot guarantee. Any additional animals may be taken at extra cost however please note that this will be at the estate's price list. 


Duck flights and vermin shooting start at £100 per outing per gun.


Driven days start at £750 per gun.


Disclaimer: Please note that all prices are estimates and may vary. Tips are not included.