Pigeon shooting is a year round sport, with no restricted season. Whilst some months are considerably more successful in terms of bag numbers (spring, late summer and early autumn often reap rewards), do not let that put you off our shoots whatever the time of year. We always offer an excellent day out in the field and strive to get you the bag size you hope for.

Non shooters are welcome to join the field as long as they do not disrupt the shoot (additional fees may apply). They will be subject to the same safety rules as the guns.

  • Whilst pigeon shooting can serve as protection for agricultural crops, as a field sport It is important to still maintain respect for the quarry
  • No insurance, no shoot. All guns must carry third party public liability insurance as standard (if you have insurance included as part of a field sports association membership it is your responsibility to ensure your membership is valid and up to date)
  • 1
  • Only 12 & 20-gauge shotgun pumps, single or double barrel. No semi-automatics
  • We must receive all ID and documentation no later than 72 hours prior to the shoot
  • Gun hire and cartridge sales available on most of our estates
  • We always follow the BASC Code of Practice for Shooting
What’s included
  • Transportation around the estate
  • An unforgettable day of field sports in the heart of the Suffolk countryside!
What’s not included
  • Accommodation. This can be arranged, subject to availability, in one of our lodges, in and around the estates. Please ask for details.
  • Tips (£20 per gun is usual)
  • Transport to and from the estate
  • Gun and shells (these are rented and sold separately)
  • Clothing and other gear. If there is something in particular you do not have, please let us know in advance and we will do our best to help)
Tips to stay safe
  • When guns are not shooting, muzzles must be pointed in a safe direction with the safety on
  • Only shoot when your barrel is pointed towards the sky and above a 15degree angle
  • Keep track of the amount of bird you have to pick up; using a ticker can help. Depending on the terrain, when there are around 15-20 birds on the ground, it is advisable to bag them up as they can deter new arrivals from landing in the area
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption during your shoot

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