More hunting. Less hassle.

Our membership is for field sports fanatics who hope for around 12-15 field days (or weekends) per year. We aim to accommodate you on flexible (and sometimes even last minute) terms, at your convenience.

By working with multiple estates we can adapt to our members’ preferences and negotiate versatile terms and affordable prices. Together we are able to make a difference to the estates’ bottom line, which translates to better rates for our members.

Members receive:

  • Discounted rates for stalks, shoots and other field events
  • Preferential treatment, even for last minute bookings
  • Free storage for your equipment
  • Low cost vermin shoots/lamping
  • Discounts on local accommodation
  • Personalised arrangements by our shoots concierge

We accept a maximum of 25 members per year, to ensure each member receives the attention and focus they deserve. Membership is free but requires a minimum yearly expenditure of £3000 on field sports with us.

A security deposit of £1,000 is payable on joining, which will be refunded on termination of your membership, providing you have adhered to all agreements. You will need to attend an in-person induction meeting at the start of your membership, as well as quarterly online meetings, touching base with gamekeepers and other members for any feedback or new information regarding the estate and our offering.

Requesting a shoot

You must request your shoot date with a minimum of 72 hours notice and must await confirmation from the estate before you arrive.

The estates must be treated with respect – keep them safe and keep them clean. Please do not discard cartridges and other rubbish and respect gates, fences and right of way – any damage must be paid for. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Interested, please fill up the below form