About Us

Welcome to Suffolk Shoots

  Our partner estates in Suffolk are some of the finest for deer stalking and shooting in the UK. Between them we have thousands of acres of woodlands, marshlands, heap land and arable land, stretching along the spectacular Suffolk Heritage Coastland.

We offer memberships for the habitual hunter and multi-day package deals for those less frequently in the field which include accommodation and the freedom to choose your preference of fieldsports. From deer stalking in the morning to lamping in the evening; spending a whole week shooting or a whole week stalking, we will accommodate your requests to the best of our abilities. Membership are the ideal option for the avid shooter or hunter who wishes for 15 + outtings each year.

The fact that we work with multiple estates means that we can focus more on our members and clients preferences. We have something for everyone and we always aim to accommodate you on the dates YOU are available. If you have any special requests, please do ask away!

Welcome to Suffolk Shoots, our estates are truly hidden gems on the East coast of Britain which are an absolute dream for fieldsports.

We deal with individuals on a personal level, we understand not everybody will have the same wishes and expectations. We aim to find out as much as possible from you to make sure we get it just right and you leave having had an unforgettable experience. All of our shoots and stalks are accompanied by highly experienced fieldsports professionals, with many years’ experience under their belts. They will help you have that perfect experience and maximise your chances of a successful day in the field.